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Learn Persian


Learn Persian is an educational app which has the motive to give people an awareness of Persian language. The essence of this app is to facilitate those android users who want to learn Persian from basics. This app serves as a guide for those who want to enrich their vocabulary and also beautify their spoken ascent as well.Distinctive features of this app are as follows:• Alphabets: Alphabets serve as a pillar to make a sound understanding of any language. This app provides the user an opportunity to understand all Alphabet’s with English translation• Numbers: Learn Persian numbers with English translation and in sound and clear audio voice which can be easily understandable• Vocabulary: Strong vocabulary is necessary to get a complete hold on language. Vocabulary sections contain those words which are usually used in daily life.• Grammar: This section helps the people to get an understanding of how the Alphabets are used in the tenses.• Conversation: Without conversation and proper spoken ascent you cannot achieve a grip on any language. This feature covers proper formation of those sentences with audio/voice which are used most commonly in conversation.Download this free of cost learning Utility and the aforementioned features has made it a worth downloading app for the seekers who want to learn Persian (Farsi) in no time.